2016 / Willem de Kooning Academy / team project / concept, packaging design, branding, video


The brief was to use the waste of our body, mind or soul to create a new product which aligns with the blue economy concept. Apart from the product itself, the task included the creation of a branding and communication solution for this product.

Based on our insight that there is good stress (Eustress) and bad stress (Distress) we decided to present Eustress in a new light and create a product that combines the positive effects (motivation, focusing) of Eustress with a daily habit of a lot of people: drinking tea. The name is a mix of "tea" and the human stress hormone "Cortisol".

Corteasol comes in a recyclable glas bottle with cork handles, which makes it possible to drink it warm or cold. Corteasol is planned to be sold at concept stores. To connect with the audience posters and a video clip will play on TV or as display ads in cities. We decided to exclude social media for the advertisement since social media is the biggest threat to focused work.