2017 / Zurich University of the Arts / Graduation Project animation, video, social media strategy, branding

#Jein (in German a mix between yes (ja) and no (nein) which means maybe) is a campaign that I created in collaboration with the Swiss non-profit organisation easyvote. easyvote translates political content in an easy, comprehensible and neutral way that young voters can easily follow the political process in Switzerland.

The idea: Young Swiss voters are often trapped between yes and no because they don't know what to write on their ballot and a lot of them don't know easyvote's content. To solve that, I created short animated videos that ask questions that are typically answered with a clear yes or no like «Will you marry me?» but were answered in this case with #Jein. Easyvote is here to find a clear answer at least for political questions. The campaign was held in three languages German (#Jein), French (#Mouais) and Italian (#Nì) as well as politically neutral.

The campaign was carried out between the 1st and 21st May 2017 (voting sunday) and consisted of 8 sponsored video ads in three languages (24 in total), developed and implemented for Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, I  created a new visual language for the easyvote Instagram account to establish the easyvote style on their Instagram account.


Other questions that were asked:

- Do you like my parents?

- Do you think I'm too big?

- Do you like Netflix and Chill?

- Did you drink alcohol?

- Do you know what the vote is about?

- Did you already vote?

- Do you vote for the new energy law?

22-thumbnail-hesch du scho abgstumme-bla
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23-thumbnail-as tu deja vote-blau.png
20-Thumbnail-As tu pour la nouvelle loi
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24-thumbnail-sei gia andata a votare-bla