#Jein (in german a mix between ja and nein which means maybe)  goes back to the claim that a lot of young voters don’t know what to vote. Their mind is filled with yes and no and no clear decisions. This is a problem which easyvote wants to solve through their work. They want to end the #Jein. The base of the #Jein campaign for social media were questions which normally get a clear answer like “Will you mary me?”. No one will answer this question with a “maybe” or “Jein”. The campaign was held in three languages German (#Jein), French (#Mouais) and Italian (#Nì) as well as politically neutral.

The campaign was carried out between the 1st and 21st May 2017 and consisted of 8 sponsored video ads (24 in total), developed and implemented for Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, I created a new visual language for the easyvote Instagram account to establish the easyvote style on this social media account.




social media, animation


#Jein is my final project at the Zurich University of the Arts. In Switzerland, we face the problem that the young population votes less in comparison to older generations. For democracy it is crucial that every generation is represented.

Easyvote is an organization which translates political content in an easy, comprehensible and neutral way that young voters can easily follow the political process. Their main focus are the national votings and elections. For that, they create Youtube videos and brochures in all four national languages.