2016 / Willem de Kooning Academy / team project / concept, event, graphic design, video


Imagine a world where the government stops musicians for playing their music because their music is not aligning with the governments views. This happens in Iran and as a counter reaction, Iran has a huge underground music scene. The danger of this scene is that the musicians could get popular very fast and as a reaction the government could literally hear from them. Then the musicians have two options: stop playing their music or leaving the country if they don’t want to get punished.

Unmute is a concept idea of double livestream concerts between Iran and the Netherlands which gives musicians the opportunity to play their music for an audience while sitting safely in their own living room.

To set up this kind of concert you need a VPN connection (almost everyone in Iran is using one) and two screens on every side. For advertisement in Iran we came up with a bot that works with Telegram (most used messenger in Iran) that helps Iranians to find the livestream on the secret Facebook page. For the Dutch audience, we came up with a poster concept that features the Iranian artist through its song waves. The concept is based on an interview with my Iranian flatmate at that time in Rotterdam. Possible adapters of the concept could be small festivals that aren’t afraid of possible shitty live stream quality. (;